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Thematic Process_Session 1.3.1_Q A (Part 2)
Panelists and audiences discuss the issue of trigger events, disaster management, situation of developing ana under deve...
Eklenme: 14.06.2010 11:38:08
Görüntüleme: 1952
Thematic Process_Theme 6_Topic 6.5.1_ Marcus Barber
Marcus Barber gives information about “Changing Waters: Environmental Cycles, Local Actors and Global Change in Coastal ...
Eklenme: 12.08.2010 15:30:42
Görüntüleme: 1421
Thematic Process_Session 1.3.1_Recommendations
Panelists of Session 1.3.1:Trialogue Session: Building bridges between Government, Science and Civil Society give their ...
Eklenme: 14.06.2010 11:21:34
Görüntüleme: 1234
Thematic Process_Session 3.1.3_First Panel_Q A (Part 2)
Panelists and audiences discuss the issue of implementing 1997 EU Water Convetion and also the possibility of water wars...
Eklenme: 01.07.2010 12:33:37
Görüntüleme: 1463
Thematic Process_Theme 6 Wrap-Up Session_András Szöllösí-Nagy Closing Speech
In his closing speech of Theme 6 Wrap-Up Session, Mr. András Szöllösí-Nagy of UNESCO highlights that more importance sho...
Eklenme: 16.06.2010 11:59:37
Görüntüleme: 1355
Thematic Process_Session 1.3.1_Harry Keereweer (Part 1)
Harry Keereweer, vice governor in the Province of Gelderland in Netherlands, gives information about how parts of the tr...
Eklenme: 11.06.2010 15:39:28
Görüntüleme: 1232
Thematic Process_Session 1.3.1_Trialogue (Part 1)
Panelists and audiences discuss the issue of what is trialogue, give information about case studies form their countries...
Eklenme: 14.06.2010 11:54:33
Görüntüleme: 1268
Thematic Process_Session 6.4.1_Part 1
Chaired by Gordon Young, this session started out with session conveners Arthur Askew (International Association of Hydr...
Eklenme: 08.06.2010 19:13:42
Görüntüleme: 1564
Thematic Process_Theme 6_Topic 6.1.2_ Kenichi Tsukahara
Kenichi Tsukahara answers the questions of session.
Eklenme: 11.06.2010 15:44:15
Görüntüleme: 1561
Thematic Process_Session 6.2.3_Sarantuyaa Zandaryaa (Part I)
Ms. Sarantuyaa Zandaryaa of UNESCO-IHP talks about the projects of UNESCO-IHP implemented on urban water issues and focu...
Eklenme: 08.06.2010 16:16:35
Görüntüleme: 1251
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