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Local Authorities Process_Session on Governance for Water and Sanitation_Jean Ma...
Mr.Jean Marie Tétart, Mayor of Houdan, France said that agreements on the public and private sector projects should be t...
Eklenme: 24.05.2010 14:56:24
Görüntüleme: 1199
Thematic Process_Session 5.3.3_Dirk Paushert_Part 3/7
Tanzania's water sector is new to regulatory framework, pro-poor approach, business guidelines and plans, ... there is s...
Eklenme: 08.06.2010 16:37:22
Görüntüleme: 1159
Thematic Process_Session 5.3.1_Patricia Veevers_Part 8
Patricia Veevers speaks further on obstacles in serving the urban poor.
Eklenme: 06.06.2010 23:56:37
Görüntüleme: 1201
Thematic Process_Session 2.1.1_DisanSsozi (Part 1)
Disan Ssozi from the Minister of water and Environment in Uganda emphasized that the sector information monitoring syste...
Eklenme: 28.05.2010 14:44:46
Görüntüleme: 953
Thematic Process_Session 5.2.2_Kamal Zoubi Part II
pricing system in Jordan, how private investment can reduce the costs, by Kamal Zoubi from Amman Water Company in Jordan...
Eklenme: 04.06.2010 18:20:09
Görüntüleme: 1099
From mexico to Istanbul Session_Corinne Cathela_Inter-American Development Bank
Corinne Cathela, water and sanitation specialists in Inter-American Development Bank, explained waht have been done for ...
Eklenme: 01.06.2010 10:36:57
Görüntüleme: 789