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Local Authorities Process_General Assembly 2nd Part_Questions Answers
The 2nd part of the general assembly continued with the discussions.
Eklenme: 26.05.2010 15:04:42
Görüntüleme: 1349
Thematic Process_Theme 6_Topic 6.1.0_ Daniel Valensuela
As a co-convener, Daniel Valensuela gives information about session 6.1.1.
Eklenme: 02.06.2010 18:08:34
Görüntüleme: 839
From Mexico to Istanbul Session
Panelists explain the initiatives that launched during the Mexico Forum and what have been done until the Istanbul Forum...
Eklenme: 02.06.2010 16:20:20
Görüntüleme: 1186
Local Authorities Process_Challenges Regarding Sanitation in Rapidly Growing Cit...
Mr.Daniel Markovitch, Vice President of SIAAP, explained the works carried out by the SIAAP which is the wastewater auth...
Eklenme: 25.05.2010 11:59:04
Görüntüleme: 873
Local Authorities Process_Opening Session (Part 2)
Hayrettin Güngör ( Secretary General of Union of Municipalities of Turkey); Jean-Claude Gauden (Mayor of Marseille); Dan...
Eklenme: 25.05.2010 14:13:43
Görüntüleme: 1125
Thematic Process_Theme 6_Topic 6.1.0_questions and answers
Participants are asking questions to Richard Meganck.
Eklenme: 07.06.2010 14:58:20
Görüntüleme: 875
From Mexico to Istanbul Session_Daniel Zimmer
Daniel Zimmer, from WWC, presents the agenda of the the session.
Eklenme: 01.06.2010 09:44:51
Görüntüleme: 721
Local Authorities Process _Opening Session_Daniel Zimmer
Daniel Zimmer, Associate Director of WWC, giving information about the program and goals of Local Authorities Process of...
Eklenme: 21.05.2010 16:52:37
Görüntüleme: 965