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Thematic Process_Session 5.3.3_Osward Chanda_Part 2/7
In Zambia, the poor is taken into account, however it is a big challenge. A basquet fund is established under the regula...
Eklenme: 08.06.2010 16:16:33
Görüntüleme: 1198
Thematic Process_Session 5.3.3_Q A_Part 7/7
Q A section of the session 5.3.3: pro-poor regulation.
Eklenme: 08.06.2010 17:34:04
Görüntüleme: 1139
Thematic Process_Session 5.3.3_Janique Etienne_Part 5/7
« Pro-poor » regulation for small towns water supply services : lessons learned from financial and technical auditors in...
Eklenme: 08.06.2010 17:09:59
Görüntüleme: 1123
Thematic Process_Session 5.3.3_Manuel Alvarinho_Part 1/7
Manuel Alvarinho from Mozambique explains how they have created the agency system with partnership with the municipaliti...
Eklenme: 08.06.2010 15:59:08
Görüntüleme: 1069
Thematic Process_Session 5.3.3_Dirk Paushert_Part 3/7
Tanzania's water sector is new to regulatory framework, pro-poor approach, business guidelines and plans, ... there is s...
Eklenme: 08.06.2010 16:37:22
Görüntüleme: 1159
Thematic Process_Session 5.3.3_Richard Franceys_Part 6/7
Whose job is to know where the poor are , and how can the poor identified. Richard Franceys uses the metaphor of footbal...
Eklenme: 08.06.2010 17:23:11
Görüntüleme: 888
Thematic Process_Session 5.3.3_Noupheuak Virabouth_Part 4/7
Noupheuak Virabouth shares his experience in pro-poor regulation, and their most important challenges: targeting the poo...
Eklenme: 08.06.2010 16:59:39
Görüntüleme: 995