January 27, 2017 – A Joint Working Group Meeting between the General Directorate of Water Management (SYGM)

The total volume of water in the world is 1,4 billion km3. Despite this amount, which covers three-quarter of the Earth and seems quite a lot, water shortage exists. Because 97,5 per cent of the total volume of water saline water in oceans and seas. The remained 2,5 per cent corresponds to the volume of fresh water in the world. 68,7 per cent of the fresh water, which has a little percentage, is found in glaciers; 30,1 per cent of the fresh water is found in the ground waters; 0,8 per cent is found in the permafrost; and only 0,4 per cent of it is found in the surface waters and within the atmosphere. The amount of water that is found in the surface waters and within the atmosphere are stored as moisture in wetlands, rivers, plants, animals and soil. Water is not distributed evenly around the globe.

There is a serious oppression, which was caused by the human activities, on the water resources. In addition to the factors such as rapid population growth, migration from the country to town, overuse of water resources as a result of the struggle for ensuring food safety of the countries; there are also elements of oppression affecting the quality of fresh water as a result of the domestic, agricultural pollution and the pollution originating from industry. In addition to these man-made problems indirectly affecting the quantity and quality of fresh water, the problem of change in precipitation regimes which would probably be caused by the global climate change that is also man-made, poses danger of increase in water problems against which the mankind brushes up.